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This story comes from Steve Mills, a Supporter of SECRET WW2, (and author of The Dawn of the Drone) and is a version of his original work that was first published in the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Journal of Autumn 2023.

Steve introduces his subject with the following statement and question:

There aren’t many whose contribution to the modern world endures like Adcock’s invention. His radio antenna system patented at the close of World War One is still ‘high tech’ in the secretive Signals Intelligence Direction Finding community. This invention opened up navigation for commercial aviation including the extraordinary trans-Pacific route for the China Clippers in the 1930s. It featured in the Chain Home Radar system and Huff-Duff equipment of WWII that were so significant in both the ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ and the ‘Battle of Britain’. But who remembers this Royal Engineer – not even Wikipedia?

The answer to the question will be you – if you click here to find Steve’s fascinating and well-illustrated 12-page account.