The Secret WW2 Learning Network is an educational charity registered in the UK - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) No. 1156796

Since 2020 SECRET WW2 have offered quarterly presentations via Zoom. Most, though not quite all, are available via recordings. These can be requested on a topic-by-topic basis through [email protected] and the service will be free of charge to subscribed Friends. Supporters can also access the service, but will be encouraged to make a modest donation to the charity. The recordings, annotated as (R), and presentations available are:


Ursula Graham Bower of Z Force on the India-Burma Border by Martyn Cox (R)

Capt Paul Tessier of F Section SOE – One Who Got Away by Paul McCue (R)

SOE in Burma by Dr Richard Duckett (R)

Flight Officer Yvonne Cormeau of F Section SOE – Unsung Heroine by Paul McCue (R)


The Search for Captain Marc Jumeau of F Section SOE by Col (ret’d) Nick Fox (R)

Operation Boatswain – Mystery and Tragedy in the Mediterranean 1941 by Paul McCue (R)

The Shetland Bus by Gilly Halcrow (R)

Operation Foursquare by George Bearfield (R)


SOE and SAS in Mandate Palestine by Paul McCue (R)

Exactly Who Did Break Enigma? by Martyn Bell (R)

The Tragedy of Televag, Norway 1942 by Paul McCue (film is copyrighted – Powerpoint only)

SOE – It Wasn’t Just France by Ashley Barnett (R)


Anatomy of an SOE Training School: STS 4/7 Winterfold by Paul McCue (R)

Now It Can Be Told: Re-toldEpisode 1 – Recruitment and Selection for F Section, SOE by Martyn Cox (R)


Mann (film is commercially available at Mann Documentary ( , but a brief interview with our veteran Jack Mann is available from us as a recording) (R)

Fantasies of the ‘Soldier Hero’ – Frustrations of the Jedburghs by Professor Juliette Pattinson (R)


SOE Jedburgh teams and Unconventional Warfare in WW2 – with echoes today by Paul McCue (R)