The Secret WW2 Learning Network is an educational charity registered in the UK - a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) No. 1156796

SOE Expeditions specialises in delivering genuine SOE and Special Forces Endurance and Survival Expeditions throughout Europe and Asia. Originating from diverse backgrounds, SOE operators were ordinary individuals who achieved remarkable feats of endurance and resilience during WWII, ultimately playing a pivotal role in altering the course of the war. Collaborating with top-tier experts in the field, SOE Expeditions is dedicated to bringing their remarkable stories to life.

Our team comprises historians, explorers, and veteran special forces operators from across the globe, all united by their profound passion for the history and the extraordinary lives of these individuals.

Do you possess the resilience to tread in their footsteps and relive their most daring missions?

Join us 23rd September as we follow SOE Operators kidnapping of General Kreipe across Crete.

Or follow the daring attack route of SOE Operators on our Heroes of Telemark attack route in Norway Feb 2024.

Subscribed Friends of SECRET WW2 qualify for a 10% discount on tours.

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